We invite you to our BASKETBALL COMBINES

for 5th - 9th grade boys & girls.

School Location (APS) Aurora, CO will be sent to athletes who register:

Tuesday November 14th


Investment to attend $12

Reason to attend a basketball combine:

The purpose of this event is to allow your player to know they can become a strong athlete by knowing their skills/ability level and then work to better themselves with us or someone else.”

                                                                                    Michael Frazier

The main reason to attend is to get valuable measurable information about your athlete skills/ability. Verified statistics are extremely important for your athlete profile, so having your vertical jump measured or getting timed in the lane agility drill.... can definitely help in the recruiting process.

The main reason not to attend is you feel you or your athlete can teach themselves or you are not teachable.

The Sports League’s goal is to help move your athlete to the next level in playing basketball.

What’s Next:

Beginner level classes

Intermediate level classes

Advanced level classes

We make teaching your players the fundamentals our number goal, your players will enjoy practice, they will appreciate their improvement, and they will be grateful down the road. 

Like any sport, no matter what your age -- whether you’re a professional athlete or a youth player just getting started-- you need strong fundamentals to be successful! 

Unfortunately, most people don’t really understand what that means.

So what are the Fundamentals?

The fundamentals include working on the little things that will make you better -- no matter what team or coach you play for -- or what offense or defense you are running.

For youth players, we suggest that you focus on teaching the proper technique and fundamentals for:

*    Lay ups

*    Shooting

*    Foul Shooting

*    Passing

*    Dribbling and ball-handling

*    Jump stops

*    Triple threat position and pivoting

*    Jab steps

*    Basic screening and cutting

*    Defense

*    Rebounding

  1. *   Basic post moves

  2. *   Increase Speed

  3. *    Agility

  4. *    Quickness

  5. *    Strength

  6. *    Mental Readiness for the GAME

These are all critical fundamentals to master because they'll make you and your team better, no matter what age level or situation you might be in.

We hope you see this as an investment into your athlete’s life.

at $70.00 per month

                   Questions? Contact Michael Frazier 720-402-4331

or email Mike@thesportsleague.com

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